Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Deep

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Deep

Watch Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Deep online full movie.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin travel to the water world of Pisces (Ripjaws’ home planet) after finding out that Aggregor is on the planet. Aided by Magister Pyke, they travel to the planet’s core, which contains a gravitational multiplier holding the water planet together. Aggregor steals the device, which is actually a disguised piece of the Map of Infinity, and escapes, causing the inhabitants to mistake Ben, Gwen and Kevin as the thieves. To save the planet from floating into space, Ben transforms into Goop and uses his Anti-Gravity Multiplier as a replacement. Goop is atomized into the water of the planet, allowing him to draw all the lost water back in. With Pisces back to normal and their ship repaired, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin return to Earth.



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