SpongeBob SquarePants - Frankendoodle

SpongeBob SquarePants - Frankendoodle

The narrator tells a story about an artist in a boat, drawing, then his pencil drops in the sea and he starts crying. The French Narrator then tells us that the rule of the artist at sea number one: Always bring a spare pencil. SpongeBob and Patrick are playing ”Rock, Paper, Scissors” using bubbles, when the pencil lands in between them. SpongeBob and Patrick then realize that whatever they draw with the pencil comes to life, thus naming it the ”Magic Pencil.”

SpongeBob then draws ”DoodleBob,” a sketch version of himself intended to fool Squidward. However, DoodleBob begins beating Squidward up, steals the magic pencil, and wreaks havoc (such as trapping SpongeBob and Patrick in a hole, hitting Patrick with a wrench drawn from sand, a bowling ball made of a rock, and a regular rock.) until SpongeBob erases him (the eraser end of the pencil is capable of erasing anything, not just drawings).

However, an arm remains, and in the night it steals the pencil from SpongeBob and draws itself back. DoodleBob wakes up SpongeBob and attempts to erase him, and during the struggle the pencil is snapped in half (DoodleBob has the eraser and SpongeBob has the point). DoodleBob sharpens his half, so he has an eraser and a point, and the two begin dueling until SpongeBob accidentally throws his pencil out the window hitting Squidward in the process. DoodleBob corners him in front of a bookshelf, but steps on a piece of paper, sealing his leg onto the paper.

SpongeBob closes DoodleBob in a book, in which he is finally happy. The page with Doodlebob is framed on a wall. Then, Patrick came to SpongeBob’s house and asked why DoodleBob was on a piece of paper. SpongeBob tells him why. Then, it goes back to the boat with the artist curled up in a ball and crying - the pencil is propelled back to the artist who grabs it and continues drawing, but when he touches his canvas, the lead snaps. Rule No. 2 of the artist at sea: Always bring a pencil sharpener.



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