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SpongeBob SquarePants - Overbooked

SpongeBob SquarePants - Overbooked

At the crack of dawn, SpongeBob hollers when his shell phone rings. He answers the phone and Sandy asks if he can come to her science presentation tonight and SpongeBob, without hesitation, says he will be there. SpongeBob then goes to work. When he makes it to the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs struggles to fix his telescope and asks SpongeBob if he could go to his house and fix it tonight because his employee report card isn’t filled, the only blank thing was ”Does a Laborious Task for Supervisor.”

After a while, Patrick sneaks into the kitchen. SpongeBob then sees him and greets him. Patrick finally tells SpongeBob to come to his birthday party and buy the birthday cake and it will be tonight just like the other two requests he got. At 6:00 P.M., the Krusty Krab is closing, and SpongeBob is leaving the Krusty Krab and goes to Sandy’s Treedome first to look at the presentation and what is happening so far. He tells Sandy he needs to do something before he could assist her. He goes to Mr. Krabs’ house and SpongeBob discovers that he needs a Motorized Hex Drill in the manual. He goes to ”Tom’s Toolery” but it is closed due to Porpoise Day. He remembers seeing Sandy using a Motorized Hex Drill and tries to go to Sandy’s house. On his way, he bumps into Patrick and sees him with a bag of party hats. SpongeBob then goes to the bakery to buy the birthday cake so that Patrick would not wonder why SpongeBob went to town.

He then goes to Patrick’s house. He forgets to buy a gift, after Patrick announces that he could put a present at the present table. He goes back to Sandy’s Treedome and gets the Motorized Hex Drill, but Sandy finds him. She does not know what SpongeBob has done, but she notices the birthday cake, which is left beside her invention. Sandy starts the program saying that her invention may change modern science forever. Sandy then requests SpongeBob to remove all his clothes and wear a cyan gown. She then notices the drill is stuffed inside his gown so SpongeBob lies that it is something he ate and he goes to Patrick’s house leaving behind the cake he bought earlier. He then pulls out the Motorized Hex Drill and rips a piece of cloth from the cyan gown and wraps it. He goes back to Sandy who tells everyone that her invention is a cloning machine. SpongeBob then goes inside the invention Sandy made. Once inside, he is requested to take off the gown, leaving him nude all night.

SpongeBob asks Sandy if he could go to the gent’s room. He then goes to Mr. Krabs’ house, naked. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob why he does not have clothes. SpongeBob said that it is because he was ”attacked by a bunch of sardines” and assembles the telescope, in a fast mood. Mr. Krabs stops him because he does not have the Motorized Hex Drill. SpongeBob goes back to Patrick, but Mr. Krabs chases SpongeBob. Patrick notices that SpongeBob’s clothes are gone and thinks they are invisible. He asked to borrow the drill but Patrick does not allow him to until SpongeBob brings the birthday cake. SpongeBob runs over to the treedome, but Patrick chases after SpongeBob too. When Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Patrick finally meet, they start arguing with each of them saying that SpongeBob is their assistant.

Finally, SpongeBob admits that he is overbooked. He then apologizes telling everyone he couldn’t say no to any of the three because they were important to him. Mr. Krabs and Patrick tell SpongeBob that he could have just told them. SpongeBob then apologizes again for thinking he could do three things at once. However, Sandy tells him that he can, if he uses her cloning machine. SpongeBob then clones himself inside the machine Sandy invented. The two other clones are naked, along with the true SpongeBob, who is now asleep as the episode ends.



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