SpongeBob SquarePants - Rock Bottom

SpongeBob SquarePants - Rock Bottom

Watch SpongeBob SquarePant - Rock Bottom Online Full Movie.
SpongeBob and Patrick board a bus in order to get home from Glove World, a glove-themed amusement park that they love. They accidentally board the wrong bus, which then takes them to a cliff. The cliff leads to a sort of aphotic zone called Rock Bottom, inhabited by multiple strange deep-sea animals. Patrick gets on the bus to go home but accidentally leaves SpongeBob behind. SpongeBob tries to find a bus that will take him more but nothing happens. After several unsuccessful attempts to get on the bus, SpongeBob heads to the bus station and waits in a very long line. By the time he gets to the front, he finds out that the last bus to leave for the night is already gone, and he’s stuck there until morning. He gets scared by a raspberry sound coming from nowhere, and he dashes back to the cliff. The raspberry sound’s maker reveals himself to be a friendly-looking anglerfish creature, who has SpongeBob’s balloon from Glove World. The creature blows up the balloon, ties it to SpongeBob’s wrist, which makes SpongeBob show that he could hitch a ride home. When SpongeBob returns home, his balloon pops. The episode ends with Patrick on his way back to Rock Bottom, thinking SpongeBob is still there.



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