SpongeBob SquarePants - Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

SpongeBob SquarePants - Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

In the middle of the night, an Alaskan Bull Worm lurks into Bikini Bottom and causes havoc, destroying everything in sight. Soon it appears at SpongeBob’s house and eats the pineapple. SpongeBob soon wakes up the next day and announces at the Krusty Krab that it appeared at midnight eating everything. The Bikini Bottomites agree with this too and complain how it ate some of their belongings. They all try to plan a way to defeat this monster.

Patrick soon suggests moving the town to another location. But all the people disagree with this and Mr. Krabs suggests that there has to be someone tough enough who can take on the worm. An old man with a hook scrapes the window and looks like he’s just the man to fight it, but is revealed to be a weak man who actually needed to go to the restroom. Sandy decides to fight the monster, as revenge for stealing her tail. The town cheers for her as she leaves to face the worm, though for safety precautions, they also go with Patrick’s idea, and start pushing all the buildings in town. SpongeBob tries to persuade her not to go near it, but she keeps on going at his every attempt because she says that she is strong. SpongeBob starts crying and tells her that he does not want her to be killed, but Sandy doesn’t give in. So she continues walking along with SpongeBob trying to get her to turn back, until they reach a cave that Sandy identifies as the worm’s lair. She goes inside the cave, while SpongeBob hides behind a small rock, panicking, and Sandy keeps on coming out, telling SpongeBob good news that she’s winning. He keeps trying to tell her something but she doesn’t give him enough time and goes back in. When she comes out on the ”worm,” and states that she won and she even reclaimed her tail. However, SpongeBob reveals that she did not defeat the worm, but she defeated its tongue, and the entire cave is the worm. Upon realizing this, Sandy begins calm and then screams ”RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!” as the worm begins chasing them.

SpongeBob and Sandy run, and during their attempt to escape, SpongeBob reveals that he was right and Sandy was never strong enough for the worm. She admits it after SpongeBob persuades her to say it. Suddenly, They escape the worm by using a paper clip and a piece of string which SpongeBob said was Sandy’s tail earlier in the episode, and uses it this time to grapple onto a tree, and Sandy says, ”We should be nice and safe up here” while they balance on the worm’s back, but then the worm falls off a cliff. SpongeBob and Sandy scream and make it off the worm’s tail to the land and think they have saved the town, and head off to tell everyone.

Meanwhile, the people finish pushing the city, and the defeated worm lands right on the city, destroying it and saying ”Ow” as the episode ends.



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