Star Wars Rebels - Fighter Flight

Star Wars Rebels - Fighter Flight

On the Ghost Chopper ends up causing a fight between Ezra and Zeb so Hera sends them out on a supply run together to keep them from bickering with each other, specifying that they do not return without a rare meiloorun fruit. The two find that the market’s sole supply of meilooruns has been purchased by the Empire. Ezra’s attempt to steal the fruit leads to an entanglement against the stormtroopers, forcing Zeb to hijack a TIE fighter for the two to escape in. En route to their rendezvous with the Ghost, the two find farmer Morad Sumar — a friend of Ezra’s parents — and his family being arrested over a property dispute with the Empire. Using the TIE fighter to their advantage, Ezra and Zeb are able to rescue Sumar and retrieve the fruit. On their return to the Ghost after supposedly crashing the fighter Hera is pleased to see Ezra and Zeb are more friendly towards each other. However, a new fight breaks out when Ezra and Zeb realise their fight was Chopper’s fault.



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