Star Wars Rebels - Fire Across the Galaxy

Star Wars Rebels - Fire Across the Galaxy

The crew of the Ghost seize an Imperial Gozanti-Class Cruiser transport and use a Sabine-repainted TIE fighter that Zeb and Ezra had previously stolen to infiltrate and disable Tarkin’s star destroyer in the Mustafar system. Ezra frees Kanan using the duct system while Hera, Sabine and Zeb attempt to secure an escape route. Ambushed in the engine room, Ezra and Kanan face the Inquisitor in a final lightsaber duel. Kanan, believing Ezra to have been killed, resolves to never give up and succeeds in destroying the Inquisitor’s lightsaber and rupturing the ship’s engine. After giving Kanan a cryptic warning about the arrival of a more powerful enemy, the Inquisitor commits suicide. Ezra is alive and escapes with Kanan. Both groups successfully emerge from the doomed destroyer with stolen TIEs. The stolen transport also appears flown by Chopper along with a number of other ships including the Ghost. They all successfully escape into hyperspace. Senator Organa greets the Ghost crew by hologram and Fulcrum, who piloted the Ghost during the rescue, is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, who tells the group that they are just one cell out of many working for a larger rebellion. On Lothal following the Inquisitor’s death, Tarkin introduces Agent Kallus to another agent selected by Emperor Palpatine to hunt the rebels: Darth Vader.



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