Star Wars Rebels - Legends of the Lasat

Star Wars Rebels - Legends of the Lasat

Watch Star Wars Rebels - Legends of the Lasat online full movie.

Following a tip from Hondo, the Ghost crew rescues a pair of Lasats from Imperial custody: Chava the Wise and Gron, who both recognize Zeb as Captain of the Lasan Honor Guard. Chava and Gron explain that they are searching for the mythical world of Liresan where the surviving Lasats can find refuge. However, Zeb is reluctant to help due to his guilt over failing to protect Lasan from the Empire. With some encouragement from Ezra, Zeb transforms his Bo-Rifle into its true form and combines it with Chava’s staff, revealing Liresan’s location in uncharted Wild Space. However, they find their way blocked by a dense cluster of black holes while Agent Kallus pursues them. Trusting in Chava’s wisdom, Zeb uses the energy from his Bo-Rifle to create a protective field around the Ghost, allowing it to navigate the black hole cluster safely. On the other side, they find the world of Liresan, which is the true home planet of the Lasats. After dropping off Chava and Gron, Zeb decides to stay on the Ghost in order to find more Lasat survivors to guide back to Liresan.



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