Star Wars Rebels - The Forgotten Droid

Star Wars Rebels - The Forgotten Droid

Watch Star Wars Rebels - The Forgotten Droid online full movie.

While on a Ghost crew mission to steal fuel, Chopper steals a replacement strut for his original leg. Chopper is separated from the Ghost crew and finds himself stranded on an Imperial freighter. He is eventually discovered by the ship’s inventory droid, AP-5, but does not report him upon finding out that Chopper is a veteran of the Clone Wars, just like him. AP-5 complains to Chopper that the Empire does not appreciate his previous role as a strategist, and the freighter crew constantly mistreats him. Chopper removes AP-5’s restraining bolt, and the two work together to trap the crew in the cargo hold and detach it from the ship. Chopper makes contact with the Ghost, and AP-5 warns them that the Empire knows their destination and has set up a trap. AP-5 is shot by the freighter captain as he transmits new coordinates, but the Ghost crew manages to repair him by using parts from the leg Chopper stole.



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