The Penguins of Madagascar - King Me

The Penguins of Madagascar - King Me

Watch The Penguins of Madagascar - King Me online full movie.

Clemson arrives to inform Julien that he cannot have inherited the crown because he was born outside of Madagascar, and plans to take over as king himself. Lemur law, however, would still allow Julien to earn kingship by winning a competition, but he is too distraught to be much of a competitor. So to help Julien win, Kowalski uses his mind-switching machine to switch Julien's and Rico's minds to allow Rico to compete for the lemur. The plan succeeds for the first round of competition, but after Clemson discovers what the penguins had done, he makes it so that subsequent rounds are disadvantageous to the other penguins when they switch minds with Julien. But during Clemson's coronation after he wins the competition, Kowalski switches Julien's and Clemson's minds and Julien, in Clemson's body, decrees "Julien" king before the two are then switched back. While doing that, "Clemson" insults the gorillas and they angrily chase the real Clemson out of the zoo.



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