The Smurfs - The Most Unsmurfy Games

The Smurfs - The Most Unsmurfy Games

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Season 6, which aired from 1986 to 1987, introduced us to two more new characters -- both a Smurf character and a villain character. In the four-part introductory episode ”Smurfquest” we are given Grandpa Smurf, who has traveled around the world and has acquired knowledge as well as items usually stored in his beard that would become yet another asset in the Smurfs’ adventures. On the other hand, we are also given the mischievous Scruple, who was dumped onto Gargamel to be his apprentice when the sorcerer’s school didn’t want him. A minor supporting character in the form of Gourdy the Genie, whom Farmer discovers in his fields, also makes his first appearance in this season. It was around the time of Season 6 when the Smurfs cartoon show first went into syndication on various independent stations, retitled Smurfs Adventures and using a shortened form of the Season 4 intro sequence. It would become the most dominant form of showing most, if not all, of the episodes from that point onward.



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