The Smurfs - Trojan Smurfs

The Smurfs - Trojan Smurfs

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Season 9, which aired from 1989 to 1990, was a different season from all the seasons that preceded it, in that instead of its episodes taking place primarily in the Smurf forest and/or the Smurf Village, they now took place in various points of time and around the world, thanks to the time crystals that Papa Smurf had to assemble together without the use of a magic key that appeared in the first episode ”The Smurfs That Time Forgot”. Also, the cast of Smurfs characters that starred in the episodes were severely cut back to about seventeen, mostly with some primary characters that have been in the show since its beginning and with some that were introduced in the later seasons such as Season 6’s Grandpa Smurf, Season 7’s Wild, and Season 8’s Smoogle. However, the season also began to show that the creative well for new stories and characters was running dry, as the Smurfs now ran into time-period variations of existing villain characters such as Gargamel, Azrael, Scruple, and Hogatha (most likely their ancestors). Unfortunately, this shifting of the show’s premise to time-travelling episodes signaled its doom, as this ended up becoming the final season for the cartoon show in general, and thus arguably was the season that made the show ”jump the shark” in the eyes of certain viewers. Interestingly, part of this season’s plot was used for the storyline of Infogrames’ The Smurfs Travel The World videogame that was released in Europe on videogame systems of the 1990s. It was during this season that the Smurfs made their last appearance in a cartoon special, the cartoon crossover story ”Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue”.



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