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Alpha & Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom (2017)

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Parents need to know that Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom is another of the popular animated wolf cub tales released directly to DVD that are merchandised along with toys, games, and related products. Directed at elementary schoolers, the franchise aims for stories about funny, distinctive, human-like animals, their relationships, and their environments in the wild. Mild scares and action are hallmarks of the brand, making this suitable only for kids who clearly understand real versus imaginary violence. This movie is far more suspenseful than earlier ones, with chases and battles taking precedence over the usual domestic conflicts (moving to a new neighborhood, family vacations) and scares that are mostly tangential. Packs of rogue wolves and two treacherous bears threaten the entire forest in multiple sequences, which include scary falls, hand-to-hand (or paw-to-paw) conflict, and even some fatalities. Still, devoted parent-child and brother-sister wolf relationships, as well as the cooperative interaction among many species in the forest, send positive messages. Not appropriate for those too young or too sensitive to deal with heroes menaced and under siege.



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