Accel World - Arrestation

Accel World - Arrestation

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As Haruyuki, Takumu and Chiyuri discuss what exactly Seiji is, Takumu deduces that the ability Seiji used was probably Physical Burst, a command which accelerates the user's consciousness up to 10 times for 3 seconds, enabling a faster reaction time. However, as his name still doesn't show up on the player list, they attempt to obtain proof of Seiji being a Burst Linker just as Kuroyukihime heads off on her school trip. Haruyuki beings trailing Seiji after kendo practice which leads him to the girls' shower room; a trap set by Seiji using visual masking to manipulate Haruyuki's nero-linker's field of digital vision. Chiyuri finds Haruyuki and is forced to hide him. The next day, Haruyuki is confronted by Seiji, who admits to the trap and shows him a video taken from a hidden camera he set up of Haruyuki going into the girls' shower room, blackmailing Haruyuki into transferring him Burst Points whenever he wants them. Chiyuri defends Haruyuki, but Seiji plays his trump card: letting the camera be discovered by the school, thereby implicating Haruyuki should Seiji release the video. As Seiji sadistically threatens Chiyuri, Haruyuki charges at him and they both use Physical Burst with Seiji knocking Haruyuki to the ground by means of a feint attack. Seiji then cables with Haruyuki and initiates a duel with him, revealing his avatar, Dusk Taker.



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